Naive Melody

When I sleep, i have memories, 
In dreams
And I see the beach in kauai
Our honeymoon
You were my idol 
My Lancelot 
You were fun
And happy
And you liked me
And i loved you
And we ate, a lot
We would drive, across the street
There was a mini mall
With a nice restaurant
We ate there
I wore a dress
You wore shorts
You were tall
To me, your legs
Now I don’t remember
You being so tall
As i get closer to death
I get closer to appreciating
My life
i remember so many
Good things
I gave up a lot
Because you wanted me to
Do something else
I remember houses we nearly bought
On the northern coast
On the islands
Near slo
Near San Diego
Around half moon bay
In la honda
San Juan islands
North bay 
South bay
Carson city
Quail Valley
I didn’t have to believe
Because i knew
I knew you’d always be there for me
No matter what
Even when I was living in a park
Dying and half dead
Buried in my head
My tangled mind
Was some thought 
That you’d still be there for me
My Lancelot