“I cannot go to world today,
said Feisty Michelle K. O’Kane.
My entire body is—
Covered with speckles.
Like my red blood cells,
I have poikilocytosis  freckles.

A mass of iron rusting my brain—
Jumping jackasses on my portal vein.
My mouth
—it blows up when I sigh.
My retinal scan: one diabetic eye.

I cannot pull myself out of bed.
A shrink  is shrinking out my head.
As a child I was never properly labeled. 
No wonder I'm now mentally disabled.

My collarbone twitches
My elbow itches—
Now eyes are blue.
It might be instamatic flu.

My memories hurt when I move my chin.
My sanity has done caved in. 
My neck is broke 
in my right shoulder—
Perhaps because I'm now bipolar²

My blood is being such a dick.
My CBC says I’m now anemic?
Red blood cells are asphyxiating.
Oxygen is something they're
 no longer creating.

My h-h-H-hh-heartbeat is erratic—
Wait—now that cunt is static.
When it snows—I faint.
Ingemar Stenmark I ain't. 

Meechelle, my bell—
Are these things that go together well?
No idea. 
My memory is hell.

I still drink boba tea.
Vanilla, peach and strawberry.  
Mmmm—so delicious!
My diabetic nurse says:
“You're inauspicious."  

Climbing around, on my trusty ladder
Happened to fall right onto my gall bladder.
I lost that organ, and part of my brain.
Worse than all that—
I lost my mane

My teeth fall out when horses bray.
Then they pick up my teeth and say, 
Hay, hay, hayeeee

Hay hip hip hypoxia
This airhead has no oxygen—
No iron, no hemoglobin—
Woe is me,
I got a lotta 

Temporomandibular disorder— 
Like bipolar, another disorder.
You know what sucks? TMJ.
Now my ear hurts when I pray. 

But I have nothing to fear.
The Spirit is the Conscious Ear.
We actually Hear 
When We inspect—that's audible— 
That is admitted—Here— 

What’s that? What’s that you say?
You say today is motherfuckin' Tuesday? 
 It's honey lavender boba day.

1. Poikilocytosis refers to the change in shape of the red blood cells, often due to certain medical conditions. This can affect the ability of the red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body.