I taste a liquor never brewed

I’ve been having the memory of when we were delivering Flynn. To this world. I can see the carpark from the hospital room window. I remember the 4runner you had when we met at NASA. Was it blue? Yellow? (I bought a yellow 4runner, that was really a piece of […]


Brass Monkey

Drinking was not a lifelong coping mechanism for me, which is something that’s very important to my story. When I was in my thirties, I started using alcohol as a way for me to deal with what was happening with my physical and mental health. This isn’t uncommon for people […]


That was then

Italy, 1964 Dear Mother, This should have your special consideration. The lighter it is the better, but it must be strong. If you’re going by air, remember that sixty six pounds. If you’re going by boat, it is well to remember weight also. It is always better to be able […]


I’m Fuckin’ Crazy!

This loss of brain volume can lead to problems with thinking, memory, functioning, and — what was I saying? The greater the loss, the more brain impairment.